INFRATIME Online Seminar Series – October 14 2021, 9am-11am

Real-time, long-term, deep time. Timescapes of the Anthropocene and Climate Change in smart urbanism and urban transitions


Organizers: Claudio Coletta (Università di Bologna) and Akito Murayama (The University of Tokyo)

October 14 2021, 9am-11am. _> Seminar website | _> Registration

The seminar series aims to promote a transdisciplinary dialogue on the interplay of digital, urban, and climate transitions from a temporal perspective. In particular, it focuses on the interferences between real-time management, long-term visions and casting, and deep time. The seminars aim to bring to the fore the key role of infrastructuring time in smart urbanism and urban transitions, paying attention to the material, infrastructural, and more-than-human aspects of transitions, as well as the multiple temporalities they enact. The focus is on the idea of transition as translation, not simply a linear step from an unsustainable past to a viable future but a way to reshape and reshuffle past, present and future and articulate non-linear tempos and speed.

First Edition: Timescapes of urban infrastructures and planning

  • Claudio Coletta, “Introduction: Real-time, long-term, deep time. The timescapes of urban, climate and digital transformations”
  • Rob Kitchin, “The Realtimeness of Urban Infrastructures”
  • Fumihiko Nakamura, “Concept of “peakless” in urban transport”
  • Takahiro Yoshida, Junya Yamasaki, Akito Murayama, “Time-framing in urban systems design for Carbon Neutral, Climate Resilient and Post Covid-19 Conscious”